Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 1 - High Wycombe to Amiens

We left High Wycombe at about half 7 in the morning to get our ferry from Calais to Dover.  Managed to fit all of our equipment, clothes and sleeping stuff in my Fiat Punto, which I have affectionately named 'The Cardis' (as in car that's a tardis).  We got to the ferry terminal much earlier than expected and caught the earlier ferry. In previous tours we've always taken the night ferry so it was cool to see the channel in the daytime.  The Monday morning crowd was strange, having taken mostly night ferries we're used to drivers and the odd family, but these were mostly older folk, the kind of folk who seasoned channel crossers and beat us to the good seats at the front of the boat... if only we'd known.  It was a pleasant but windy crossing, stubbies at 11.30 then an hour's nap on one of the sofas made it go quite quickly.  We arrived at Calais at around 1.45 and started our journey towards Amiens.  We had plenty of time to get the the venue. We have been very kindly supplied with mix cds by good friends to keep us sane and would like to thank you all!

We had so much time that we stopped in a lay by which overlooked some nice yellow and lush green fields, ate some Balti mix, mixed peanuts and peanut butter on Riveta, followed by a lay down on the grass for an afternoon nap. Refreshed we drove into Amiens for The Grand Wazoo, which is a nice little named after a Frank Zappa album. The bar run is by a lovely man, who now lives in Lille and commutes every Monday, which is today! What lucky chaps we are. 

Joining us tonight were good friends Seal of Quality & Super Castlevania IV, which combined with half a Double Decker and some Kick is an excellent way to fight through the growing tiredness. The French are lovely audiences to play to and is always a pleasure. We played hard. We played fast. A great evening of music was topped off with draught beer on tap and french food at the Palace, home to Romain (John Makay / Super Castlevania IV.)

The lovely Amiens Crew

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