Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 14 - Metz to High Wycombe

Day 14 - Metz to High Wycombe

The ever happy Magali and Kevin, Metz!
If you have read previous instalments of our diaries, you will be aware of Mike's occasional sleep talking and very occasional sleep walking. Well I was treated to some sleep talking one final time. I was woken to what sounded like clapping. As i rolled over, Mike was fully clapping his hands repeatedly while still fully asleep. Imagine a minute of clapping. It's actually quite a long time if you think about it. I grabbed my phone to film it but he had stopped before I could get any of it. Brains are fascinating things.

Magali had forced herself up and set out breakfast for us and some fresh coffee and tea. She was feeling a little tender from the evenings celebrations. We ate breakfast, traded records, had a final shower and flexed our french and broken english for one last time. As we departed, we were very kindly given some home made jam by Kevin and Magali, which we're told is very very tasty.

Time to go home
Today's little adventure home wouldn't be anywhere near our longest and most stressful of the tour. Although I did have to get back to Wycombe for my night shift at 11pm. Knowing you won't be sleeping till 7.30am the next day is a bit challenging to think about. The journey to Calais was a breeze and for one last time in the nearly cloudless sunny sky. We think we've caught the sun. Who's to say?! We boarded the ferry and arrived back on English soil just gone 6.30pm. Just enough time to get back to Wycombe for Mike to eat his dinner nicely prepared for him by his housemate and me to get showered and off to work.

2 weeks on tour and we feel we got another week in us, definitely! 

We will be writing an end of tour bit of things we forgot to tell you and some thank you'd. But we'd like to end this last tour diary that we feel very privileged that we can use music as an excuse to travel and meet such amazing people who are so welcoming, kind and generous. The list really could go on. We have had the absolute best time time on this tour and is up there with our best 2 weeks. We are going to get cracking on with finishing our album and start organising the next tour. 

Thank you for reading us ramble on about our experiences on this tour!

Mike & Sam

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