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Day 13 - Leipzig to Metz

Day 13 - Leipzig to Metz

The lads and the awesome Maria
Waking up in a little caravan on tour is wonderful! Sun shining outside, birds doing their thing. It wasn't long after we rolled out of our beds before we were greeted by a smiling Maria informing us of the excellent news that she'd prepared breakfast and it was ready. Yesterday Maria had informed us that she doesn't really cook much for herself and isn't at all ambitious in the kitchen. That being said, we were very impressed with the fresh spread she had put on for us in her communal kitchen that she shares with about 5 others. She doesn't get the chance that often to sit down with other her kitchen sharers, so when she has a band over she loves to cook for them. We were treated to fresh tomatoes in what I think was balsamic vinegar, a bowl of slightly spiced paprika, cooked mushrooms, salad, fried tofu, relish and bread. This was accompanied with some interesting South American coffee that Maria was given by her family - it was actually quite nice. The breakfast absolutely hit the spot. Our experience was enhanced by a cassette tape we discovered sitting on the side named 'Autumn Dance 96' featuring the highly influential Phantomas, Masterboy, Scooter, Dr Dre and Henia. Wow. Need I say more?.. It's okay to be jealous you know.

Autumn Dance '96!
Maria admiring Autumn Dance '96 over her awesomely prepared breakfast.
As we rubbed our satisfied bellies, we went and collected out gear before saying goodbye to the delightful and kind Maria. She left us with a wonderful offer - that when we come back, she'd like to get a power source and have us play at the beach. What an incentive to return! As we drove off we stopped outside Katscha's sisters new cupcake coffee shop, which would be open in a mere few hours, activated the Cardis' horn and said a final goodbye to her ever smiling face.

With ANOTHER great day of sunshine to drive in, we headed to the small town of Metz, 6 hours south west in France. The weekend traffic on the roads in mainland Europe are the opposite to the UK and are pleasantly clear. With no problems whatsoever, we arrived in Metz bang on schedule but now had the challenge of navigating our way to where we were supposed to be, under a bridge. There is a canal that runs through Metz and with water bring lots of bridges. Slight problem. And what added to the confusion, was that there is a new tram line being built so there are many closed and new roads. This does not play well when you are looking at a 'trusty sat nav.'

BBQ under a bridge next a canal in glorious sunshine. Epic. 
We finally found Kevin and Magali, a very kind and caring couple who had organised the show for us. We followed them down heavily overgrown paths with the Cardis (there isn't much the Cardis isn't game for) and yup, found ourselves under a bridge by the canal! It's so far from any houses and under a major road that they have been putting on shows here for a few years now with not 1 problem with the police of any kind. Professional DIY, with generator, PA, beer, bbq, lots of deliciously cooked food (the lentils were my favourite!) and lights.

Ello Dave!
We played with 3 other bands. 1 of which was Kevin's solo project of drums and laptop. It was also his birthday at midnight so there was quite a crowd gathered under this out-of-the-way bridge. I'd say 60 people or so. Sometimes there is only 10 people that turn up, so this is quite a turn out. We need not worry about the sound neither as the noise bands were pretty dam loud. We had a lot of fun playing, although on unsteady ground, and made sure we ended the tour on a good one. We were made to play an little encore, which we always get uncomfortable at, but they were so lovely and wouldn't let us walk away. That done and dusted, Kevin played after and he was stonkingly good as he crossed the midnight threshold, playing into his birthday.

Literally under a bridge next to a canal
Kevin playing into his birthday
We packed up and headed back to Kevin and Magali's home, drunk some beers, listened to music and played 'Caps' - a great bottle cap drinking game where you have to knock off someone else's bottle cap from the top of their bottle. With an early start in mind for us and Kevin's birthday celebrations tomorrow, we went to bed for the final time on this tour.

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