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Day 9 - Paris to Bochum

Day 9 - Paris to Bochum

The Cardis is also a tour bus.
We woke up in Camille's room at around 11am.  Sam informed me that I had been sleep walking in the night and that I was also sleep talking… in French! I think that maybe we've been in France for a bit too long.  We sat and ate breakfast with Camille while he played us loads of cool French music.  We still had to pick up the gear from the venue, so Camille offered to give us a driving tour of Paris on the way there  We managed to see most of the sights including the Eiffel Tower and a viewpoint where you could see the whole of Paris. The tour took around two hours, it was really nice of Camille to take the time out of his day to show us round his city!

Our most excellent tour guide Camille (not wearing his Brian Eno trainers).
We didn't have a show to play that evening, but we had to drive to Bochum to stay with our friend Adam. Adam is a skater in the high energy, hit musical Starlight Express, you might have heard of it, it's kind of a big deal. He performs most evenings at the theatre in Bochum, but this evening we were lucky in that he didn't have a show and could hang out.  The drive was quite easy, around 6 hours, we stopped for some food, which if you're familiar with this diary you would know by now that it's our standard lunch of bread, cheese and squeezy mustard. We are actually starting to run low on said squeezy mustard and I'm not sure if she'll last the entire trip. We'll try and make her last as long as we can.

This polluted view of Paris. Still quite nice. 

As we were driving through Belgium the weather started to get a lot nicer and by the time we arrived in Bochum it was still quite warm, even though it was 10pm.  We were meeting Adam at his practice space and we had to wait for him outside for  around half an hour.  Adam then showed up with cold beers and frozen pizzas for two very hungry travellers. What a dude. We spent the rest of the evening catching up, drinking and eating pizza. Adam is a drummer and rents the rehearsal space so he can play drums as often and as loud as he likes. He shares it with a piano player (also the main star of Starlight Express), who he makes music with. Sam and Adam chatted about drums for ages. When two drummers get together and get talking about drums, I like to call it 'drum chat'… wind 'em up and watch 'em go.  This tends to happen more often that you would think, I am often out numbered by drummers. (this is excellent for me, but Mike won't read this so he doesn't need to know) We all had a bash on the drums, I showed of my (non existent) drum 'skills' and Adam played us some funk. Adam also showed us the basement of the space, it was an awesome room that had a huge papier mache tree made by the guy who Adam rents the space with. Adam said that he will set up a show for us there next time we are in Germany. 
"If you look through the smog, It's over there somewhere, see?"
 We left the space and walked back to Adam's flat, which he shares with his girlfriend Emma.  We were treated to a lovely english cup of tea while we watched an episode of Only Fools and Horses. Classic TV.  For those of you who are interested it was the one where Dell Boy gets arrested for stealing a microwave oven. It was also one of the last episodes that had Grandad in before he died, Uncle Albert was great but I prefer Grandad era Only Fools much more. RIP.

Lads on tour!

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