Monday, 28 May 2012

Tour round-up

Tour round-up

What an absolute belter of a tour we had. This is the first time we have played longer than 6 days consecutively and the first tour on our own without another band. This is also the first attempt at a form of tour diary. It was difficult to keep up with to begin with, but if you followed us along you would have noticed we kinda got the hang of things and were quite enjoying writing about our little adventures and the amazing people we met along the way. We were very lucky that we didn't have anything go terribly wrong or have a terrible show. We can now add a crypt, under a bridge, pizzeria, barn, and a park to our list of types of places we've played.

We clocked up over 3000 miles at a quite impressive 47.1 miles per gallon; the Cardis, she is a fine and sturdy ship, she needs a good scrub now though.

There were a few things we forgot to mention in our daily logs.
- we played so fast and hard that when we played in Nancy, Sam had a bad asthma attack and had to run to the car for his inhaler to carry on. When the illness kicked in, this happened each night.
- Mike got some impressive blisters on his fingers from playing so hard. The only real playing injury the whole tour don't you know.
- we both ended up getting ill on tour, and are currently still nursing our colds.
- we experienced different poo smells from the French and German farming fields. Some nice smelling, but some absolutely nose melting pungent smells. These kept us entertained.
- along the way we met some great cats and dogs. Particular mentions should go to Maria's cat Osama, who has brain damage since being hit by a car and often tries to top itself, and of course Romain's cat 'Chat Chat', you are great pets.
We'd like to thank everyone that accepted our request for mix cds for the time we spent in the Cardis. In alphabetical order; Alex, Corey, Jason, Kevin, Meggan, Sean and Stacey. Thank you. They kept us from going insane, managing to listen to all of them, only repeating about 4 cds of our own. Except for one particular cd from our friend Dave H-S's radio show down in Brighton featuring Dave George as a special guest. We absolutely loved it. Cheers Dave for the entertainment!

Thank you to Adam Ibrahim for designing out sexy looking tour poster!

We took tons of pictures and lots videos, so we aim to put some kind of tour video together before we put it off and it be forgotten about. We'll post it on on vimeo or youtube when we get round to doing it.

We were also extremely lucky to play with some amazing bands on this tour, some of our favourites were Super Castlevania IV, Seal of Quality, Papier Tigre, The Forks, Faux, Chocolat Billy, Sec, Polar Polar Polar Polar and Kkrane. All are belters.

And of course we couldn't have had a tour without the generosity of the kind people who went out their way to help organise a show for us. Charles & Romain in Amiens, Clément & friends in Reims, Polo and Eidith in Nancy, Louie in Montpellier, Thomas, Guilhem, Lison, Carol, Labert, Alice, Estelle & everyone at Les Pavillions Sauvages in Toulouse, Pierre in Bergerac, Pascal, the film crew & Eric in Caen, Eric, Camille & the En v'là! gang in Paris, Adam & Emma in Bochum, Dan, Damien & housemates in Berlin, Katscha & everyone at Kuze in Potsdam, Maria & friends in Leipzig, and finally but by no means least Kevin & Magali in Metz.

Until next time...

Mike & Sam

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